Limerence Davina Bastinado First Experience


Limerence Davina Bastinado First Experience
高清影片 06:12 乙部




Limerence Davina Bastinado First Experience – Taiwan girls falaka

Bastinado is not a normal punishment in Taiwan. First, Davina said that she wants to try the falaka, so we were excited to start this video schedule. Actually, she didn’t know the bastinado is a very painful punishment…

Davina kneels on the chair and tied with leather cuffs. The position is very similar to a family or Korean falaka pose. The cute bare feet are ready for the punishment. It’s the first time to receive bastinado punishment in her life.

First, I make some hits with a cane, and Davina feels that she can not stand.. It’s too late.. The caning is harder and harder, and the screaming is not stop.

Finally, Davina receive more than 100 strokes, and she stand with her poor feet. The more painful punishment is coming soon..



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